Why am I experiencing delays with my setup? How come it’s taken me weeks to get my server? Why can’t you guys give me a server within 3 days like you were able to 3 months ago? Why are you charging me for this service when it hasn’t even started? These are some of the many questions that our customers have been asking us lately. It’s also one of the reasons why the Terms of Service was updated in mid December.

The short answer is simple. Server shortage. What does this mean? This means, we have a long pending list of customers, and not enough machines to supply. But let’s explain how this actually happened and how we went from being able to setup your machine in 48 hours, to having to take weeks and sometimes a month to get the service you paid for.

To start off, back in early October, we were getting a maximum of 15-25 customers per month. We were comfortable at this rate and we never expected to ever succeed this amount since our target market was very small. I mean, not many people are actually buying 24/7 live stream servers right? That’s exactly where we were wrong. You see, from the beginning we expected our subscriber base to never exceed 50. That means, we wanted a maximum capacity of 50 recurring customers for the entirety of the company. This was based on some analytical information we had early on when the brand was started.

It all changed once our name got out there though. What really made a difference was when FlareTV gave us a shoutout in his video and that video went semi viral. That’s where everything truly changed. We went from 15-25 customers per month, to 70-100 and sometimes even more. Now the machines we had, are no longer available for the remaining customers that we decided to take in. This created a server shortage in which we’ve had to buy 1 new machine for each customer we received. This is exactly what’s creating the delay. You see, while the customer is paying 30-70 per plan, we have to fetch 300-400 USD per machine. This creates various delays but it’s the only truly efficient way for us to scale our brand based on the demand.

What effects have occurred do to this? Our support team has been limited, our ability to provide servers within 3 days has been halted, and we are unable to provide refunds to those who purchased plans already due to us having to buy the machines needed for each new customer we receive. If you noticed closely, we also emailed all recurring customers about the change in our Terms of Service to further clarify of such delays and our strict no refunds policy. 

We tried our best to make the agreement very clear but some customers are just briefing through it without reading it clearly and then this results in customers not being aware of the delay which was stated in the last article of the Terms of Service. So to better clarify our current setup processing timeline, we’ve decided to create this forum to keep all of you updated and not be confused about your purchase.

What does this mean for me? This means, that delays will be occurring until you get your hands on your machine. The good news is, we’re expecting to come out of this delay cycle soon. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks. We’re also going to be releasing new plans that are able to be processed within a 3 day period without much hassle. These plans however won’t be cheap but they’ll be good for those who want to stream as soon as possible. As for the future, we’re expecting to provide better performance per plan compared to the current performance we’re able to give you. For example, we’re expecting to upgrade our Gold plan from 1080p 30fps, to 1080p at 60fps or 1440p at 30fps. This is due to the new machines we will be rolling out soon.

So what’s next? For all current customers who are still waiting for their machine, we ask of you to please be patient. We understand your frustration more than anyone else. As our company grows, we will strive to innovate and improve all aspects of our operations. We have a grand vision for this brand and we would love for all of you to keep supporting us in the meantime so we can start providing better services. If it’s been longer than 3-4 weeks since your purchase, email us so we can prioritize your server setup.

jeremy fabre