Terms & Conditions

We encourage our customers to read all of the following sections of our terms & conditions so you know what you're getting yourself into. Below are a set of guidelines for how we handle your payment and miscellaneous requests.

Article I - Prices & Payment Policy

I. All payments are non-refundable unless we specifically state that we cannot provide a server to the Customer. 

II. We require that all payments done through our site contain the email the customer is going to use to receive further information about their purchase with Ohbubble. All emails will be sent to the email the customer has attached to their PayPal account unless a personal exception is made by a staff at Ohbubble.

III. Payments are only refunded when one of our staff members confirms to the Customer that we do not have a server for their use. Please note, that some of our plans don’t require a server. Anything that we provide, including our services or plans, will be labeled as a “server”.

IV. All payments are charged automatically on a monthly basis. Failure to pay for your machine after 3 days of the due date will result in total removal of the data that was held on the server the Customer had access to. Your server and server access will also be terminated without further notice.

V. If the Customer cancels automatic payments, the machine provided to the Customer will be terminated the same day the Customer cancels the automatic payments without any chance of further data recovery.  This also means that if you the Customer, cancels the recurring payment plan before receiving access to their server, you will no longer receive access to the Server nor will you be refunded for your purchase. Remember, you are paying for a service that requires manual labor.

VI. All prices stated on the site are final unless you were given an exception. Please note that prices are subject to change at any given time.

VII. You are prohibited from using PayPal’s charge-back system to force a refund on our services. If you the Customer, uses this system to force a refund, you will not be refunded. You’re paying for a service not a product. The charge-back system will not apply to our services at all.

VIII. We do not provide refunds if the Customer wants to downgrade to a cheaper plan. However, if the Customer wants to upgrade to a higher plan, a refund can be provided to the Customer after the Customer has purchased the new upgraded plan. To clarify, the Customer must first purchase the plan he/she would like to upgrade to and then after payment confirmation, the Customer is able to receive a refund for the previous plan. If the Customer already received access to the server, this clause might not be in effect. If you wish to upgrade after you’ve received access to your server, please contact our support team to see if it’s a possibility to do the change.

Article II - Server Access

I. Ohbubble holds no responsibility over what’s done on the servers provided to the customers. Our sole responsibility is to maintain the servers running 24/7 and nothing else. Any software errors, or errors that cause the machine to fail because of a Customer error, will be the responsibility of the Customer and any questions regarding the root of the problem, should not be directed to our support staff. All of our machines come prepared to provide the service we stated on the site. 

II. Any illegal activity done on our servers will be immediately reported to the authorities. We hold no exception to this. You as the Customer are solely responsible for the content that is being hosted on our machine. We shall not be held liable for any activities that could be deemed as illegal. If you’re not sure what you can or can’t do on our machines, please feel free to contact us.

III. There are occasions where the machine that was provided to you, could go into a reboot, an update cycle, or a bandwidth limitation. Under these scenarios, you’ll not be able to access your server at all. When this happens, you must contact us in order to fix the issue.

Article III - Performance

I. Ohbubble is not responsible for the performance of your stream. We provide a machine that’s able to perform the information stated on the plan you purchased. Any stutters, stream cut-offs, or audio cut-offs are not actions directly taken by the staff team at Ohbubble. If you feel like your machine is under-performing, please contact us so we can try to solve any issues present with your machine.

II. We cannot guarantee a 100% stream up-time due to the inevitable fact that software errors and app malfunctions can occur at any moment on the server that is being used to host the Customers stream. While we have software in place to prevent errors, we cannot guarantee that the software that is being used to stream to YouTube or any other platform, can maintain an up-time of 100%.

III. Issues with the machine the Customer is using will be handled immediately by the staff at Ohbubble unless the Customer breaks any of the agreements written on our Terms of Service.

IV. We’re not responsible for the way your stream is setup. Our sole responsibility is to provide OBS with the settings stated on the site. If the Customer is using software that we did not help install, then the Customer holds complete responsibility for the performance of their stream. We are not obligated to provide any further details about any custom setups held on the Customer’s machine. This clause may not apply to servers without root access.

V. Editing or modifying any settings that come pre-configured on the machines we provide will automatically void further support from our staff. We suggest that the settings are left untouched to maximize both performance, and stability when streaming, or running programs on our machines. If you want to change your settings without breaking the performance of your machine, feel free to contact us and we’ll provide further details.

Article IV - Setup Process

I. You as the Customer agree that under no circumstances, will you utilize our support team to ask for status updates regarding the initial setup process of your server. However, if it has been longer than 2 weeks, you are allowed to ask about the status of your server.

II. When the setup process is completed, you’ll receive an email containing the details of the plan you purchased with the login information for your machine. If it has been two weeks and you haven’t received an email from Ohbubble, please check your Spam mail. Please note that we do NOT send emails after purchase at all. The only email you will receive from us after purchase, is the one containing the login details for your server. 

III. The Customer agrees to follow our wait-time period for their purchase. Please note that you may or may not receive access to your server within the first month of purchase. This means, your first payment cycle does not guarantee that your machine will be ready for use within the first month after purchase. Remember, we are a very niche specific company and resources are very limited.

IV. If the Customer buys one of our faster setup servers, he/she may qualify for a refund if a machine cannot be provided within the time stated. Please note the decision for a refund is still held by Ohbubble and not the Customer.